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    Clock Repair Ebook

    solution to effect repair could be setting you or your customer up for more serious future problems. A clocks true problem may actually be comprised of the. Out of beat is a term used in clock repair that basically means the clock is If you run across any problems or issues with the eBook menu. It covers the theory behind clock movement and design, including the particulars including explanations of clock repairing terminology and details on the tools.

    The gold plating on the pendulum , weight shells, dial and movement get eaten up by the acid from your hands. They will end up with black marks wherever hands touch it. This is not to scare you into not touching it at all, but just to limit the areas you touch, like try to hold the movement by its edges rather than a noticeable spot like the back plate or the shiny area of component such as the dial. Cloth gloves may also be used. When a pendulum clock does not keep time in a consistent manner, such as losing or gaining 5 minutes a day, it is adjusted by the nut at the bottom of the pendulum bob. Turn the nut to the right to raise the bob and increase the speed of the clock, or the opposite way to lower the bob and slow time. Turn a couple of revolutions with the nut only, otherwise it will go to far and you will have a hard time getting back to where it was if the clocks time gets way out of wack. If it comes down to looking at the clock movement, take off the weights and the pendulum before moving the clock case. This is so the weights don't swing to far and trash the glass in the clock case or the pendulums suspension spring doesn't break off. So remove the weights and pendulum even if your only going to turn the case to get to the back of it. Some weight driven clocks are chain driven and some are cable driven, the text is covering more chain then cable but the same principles apply to both unless specified. Note on replacing rather than repairing If your clock was made from around to the present day, there is hope to get a new movement to replace your old one. Replacing is better than repairing because the new movements are free from bushing wear and usually the maker of the movements improve them over time.

    Clock Repair Books

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    Clockworks E-book - Providing clock parts and tools for repair

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    Adobe Reader is required to read this eBook. If you ever wanted to get started in hobby clock repair then this Book is for you.

    It tells you how to get started using the minimum amount of tools, equipment and money. The author recalled his frustration in trying to get started in clock repair due to a lack of material that addressed his needs and tried to rectify that in this Book.

    The goal of this Book is to get the beginner started in the right direction by explaining how a simple clock movement works. There is a detailed explanation of how five basic mechanical elements are integrated to operate a mechanical clock. However the most important feature of this Book is that it shows you how to disassemble and then reassemble an easily obtainable 8-Day Time only clock movement.

    This is the confidence building portion of the Book. It demonstrates to the reader that, yes, they can take apart and then reassemble a complex mechanical device.


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