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Sweet Persuasion. Home · Sweet Persuasion Author: Banks Maya. 33 downloads Views KB Sweet Persuasion · Read more · Sweet Persuasion. Sweet Persuasion. Book 2 in the Sweet Series. For five years, Serena has run Fantasy Incorporated and has devoted her time to fulfilling her clients' fantasies. Sweet Persuasion Pdf is available here. You can easily download Sweet Persuasion Pdf by Maya Banks, Sweet Persuasion Pdf by.

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Sweet Persuasion Maya Banks Pdf

Read Sweet Persuasion read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Sweet Persuasion is a Romance novel by Maya Banks. Maya Banks is the New York Times and. USA Today bestselling author of over thirty novels, including Hidden Away,. No Place to Run, The. Maya Banks. Sweet Persuasion (Sweet Series Book 2) Maya Banks. FROM NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE BREATHLESS TRILOGY.

Roche is on line two for you. Had he only just now gotten around to reading her email? What can I do for you? Are you free for lunch? A cringe worked over her shoulders. She was really going to have to find a better descriptor for her fantasy. Where would you like to meet?

No criminal record, stable job and income. Her gaze shot back up the page, and it was then she saw the name staring boldly back at her.

Sweet Persuasion

Damon Roche. She gasped sharply, and she yanked her head up to stare at Damon.

She was so rattled that her hands were shaking, and sweat beaded her forehead. If we had not met as we did, if someone else had set up our meeting, would you object to my being the man who controls your fantasy?

I wanted you from the moment you walked into the restaurant. After I read your eloquent letter and saw who had written it, there was never any question as to whether I would step forward. No other man will have you.

Her clit pulsed and throbbed, and her nipples hardened until they ached. His vow whispered through her ears until it rebounded and echoed, seductive and alluring.

There was raw arrogance in his expression. More than that, there was knowledge. She craved it with her entire being. Do you want my possession? Do you lie awake at night wanting a man strong enough to harness your sexuality, stroke it until the fire rages and then unleash it, set you free? Heat surged to her cheeks, and she leaned into his touch before she could think better of it. He reached across the table once more and captured her hand in his. His thumb rubbed absently over the top of her knuckles, sensual and distracting.

He picked her hand up and brought it slowly to his lips. Her breath caught in her throat and refused to slip from her lips as she anticipated the touch of his mouth. A brush of electricity sparked along her veins. Currents, warm and vibrant raced up her arm and sent prickles of awareness up the base of her neck until the tiny little hairs at her nape stood on end. His lips moved softly up the crease of her fingers until they rested over her knuckles. Sterile perhaps, but necessary. He reached for a sheet of paper underneath the others and handed it to her.

Carefully, she pulled her hand from his and regretted the loss of his warmth. She picked up the paper and scanned the contents. It was a medical report. And then she realized. Just nervous and wanting to forge ahead before you lost your courage. You would have thought of it, I have no doubt, and you would have demanded what I have just given you.

She took in a steadying breath as she stared at the handsome man sitting across from her. Yes, he was gorgeous. Was this man for real? Or was he just playing a role? She wanted to find out so bad she could taste it.

She licked her lips and then nodded. I agree. In that moment she imagined what it would be like to be his, and it filled her with a powerful longing. And you. Then we can meet to discuss the more intimate details of our arrangement.

And then it hit her that she was going to become quite intimate with this man. All fantasy aside, he was offering to give her reality. With him. She would see him naked. She quivered from head to toe and her knees knocked together until she had to put her hand on one of her legs to stop it. Completely forgotten. She had no hope of eating lunch. Scorching flames burnt her cheeks when she remembered just how descriptive her letter had been.

Sweet Persuasion

She groaned and closed her eyes. That makes them important. There is nothing crazy about them. I want to be cherished, protected, pampered… valued. I want the man to know me as well as I know myself. I want him to anticipate my needs and fulfill them but at the same time I want to be important to him.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. She grinned. Julie turned back to look at Serena. Julie grinned. Okay, Faith, all done. Better get dressed. Serena rolled her eyes. Serena sat there with her feet dangling down the side of the table.

Download Sweet Persuasion (Sweet Series #2) ebook PDF - video dailymotion

Even to her two closest friends. But if not them, then who? She sighed. Julie returned, a look of apology darkening her pretty features.

That was one of my clients in need of an emergency overhaul. As in nothing left out. As if anything in my boring-ass life would be. And you, my dear, are due for a wax soon. Serena veered off into her cubicle to dress, and a few minutes later she met Faith out front where Julie was already soothing her distraught client.

As Serena and Faith headed for the door, Julie caught their gaze and rolled her eyes heavenward. Serena blew her a kiss. Faith shook her head. The last thing Serena wanted was an audience. We hope to move in as soon as we get married. Faith made a face. Not after everything that happened.

Download sweet persuasion maya banks pdf download

The sooner, the better. You deserve to be happy after all you went through. So what gives, Serena? Are you talking one night of hot sex where you play the slave to the master, or is this something else entirely?

Damn it. Unlike Faith, she was not a blusher. The idea turns me on, but I might hate it too.

I mean if you just want to play out a fantasy, you could always hire a.


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